Thursday, November 21, 2013

Book sale

Every November at work, we have a book sale.  First two days of the sale, soft covers are $1 and hard covers are $2.  I went to spend $15, and I did.  Easily.  I felt like a kid in a candy story.  I am now stocked for at least two months.  I even found a few books that I was looking for, and some I had not idea that I wanted to read but their covers intrigued me.

Then I went back when then sell as much as they can off for 10 cents a book.  Ahem.  Talk about feeding an addiction.

For $16 I bought 25 books.  I was feeling generous and I gave two away.   I was gleeful for hours.  It was a strange day.  They also had a mammogram clinic at work - and now being 40 - I knew I "should" have one.. so I got squished (not as terrible as I expected) and then went for the obvious retail therapy.

A fine day in my book.

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