Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why, oh why, did I say, 'success'?

What an interesting month.  Funny that I craft a post about success at the beginning of the month, then a whinging post about what it doesn't look like, and another week later, at the end of another week, I am contemplating another element about success and this success theme in the last month seems to evolved around my kids, and work.  Although breaking from that thought for a moment, I am reading more, I did pick up some knitting (dishcloths count, even if they are simple), I am getting out for more walks, I am eating more vegetables and less wheat, and I am really trying to find some balance.  It does seem that my housekeeping abilities have been sorely lacking this January, we have struggled with winter illnesses, and my motivation at times has been really flagging.  Did I mention that I love coffee, it has kept me going at times?

Our daycare situation for our youngest started falling apart last week, and then completely this Monday.  It got to the point that I pulled him from their care and said he wasn't coming back.  They also had an exit plan for my kid, and I knowing this when I got the call he wasn't behaving and they couldn't cope because they have casual staff on, I was pretty angry and disappointed to say the least.  In a summary vent, not every childcare facility, no matter how praised it is, isn't going to be the best fit for every kid.  I would say that this place wasn't supervised or structured enough for my little guy, because the boy he was there, wasn't the boy he was at night, or during the weekends.  He is back at his old home daycare for a few weeks, and he is acting like he never left there.  Already back to napping, and maybe a little more rambunctious at the end of the day because they don't always get outside, but the concerns have stopped.  Was it him, or was it the situation? I will play nice and say both, but much more on the centre side.  Not the right place for him. I truly should have thought more about what it would be like for a kid to go from a home with 7 kids, to a centre with 50 kids, especially when those 50 kids were in a space that didn't have a lot of toys and frankly, not a lot of boundaries either.  Who knew.  Well, now I do.  If you kid has always been in a big centre, that is one thing, but no matter how new or cutting edge the place is, you have to think about your kid, and how he is going to be there, as themselves. 

Moving ahead, I think we have the best of both worlds coming up.  Wee guy will start at a smaller centre in a few weeks 4 days a week, and then will get one day a week at his old place.  A different kind of balance, but I think an overall better transition to being a bid kid.  We have had other issues with our big guy too.  Time to look at boy scouts, and martial arts.  Time to start scheduling in some of these kinds of activities.  I see our nights getting busier. I have to start thinking about swimming lessons again too.  We are going to pass on baseball this year, B was keen on blastball, but not on regular ball.  We all can't be good at everything.

It has been an exhausting month.  Between childcare issues, norovirus, worrying about the big kid in school, and learning the mechanics of a new job, after Christmas finances... I am really glad a new month is rolling along and that time is marching on.  One foot, in front of the other... some times it is just that.  You aren't running, you are more taking baby steps, and side steps, and sometimes just rocking from side to side.  

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