Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections, 2012

Looking back, it is nice to have a post from the start of the year, if only to remember what that year started off like.  Nice, quiet evening to ring in the New Years.  We took the kids to the Stanley Park, Bright Lights train, and then came home and ate popcorn and watched movies.  I banged on pots, we both called our folks, and it was lovely.  For this year, that was the perfect way to celebrate a new year.  Next year, I think I will be looking for a Polar Bear swim again... ultimately, this year I was so glad for a break and to not have to leave the house to come back again today.

2012 was a busy year.  A year of adjustment to change (between the move, and changing daycares, and shifting jobs, to name but a few elements).  A year of a few new thoughts, or different thoughts.  Such as, we brined the turkey this year, and it was amazing.  We are rethinking how we eat, and the thoughts circle around wheat, and to a lesser degree, sugar.  Jumping on the "wheat belly" fad, lifestyle, (whatever you want to call it), reading this book can't  help but open your eyes a bit as to why we are so much unhealthier than we were in the past.  We have significantly cut down on our wheat consumption, and I am trying to make different choices when it comes to my baking.

I had no idea of how much of an emotional connection I had to wheat, that was enlightening.  I never questioned why wheat was great, and why things like spelt were weird.  Where did I get these thoughts?  Spelt is actually a lovely grain, and pastas made from rice and other grains, taste pretty darn good!  I hope that by the end of 2013 I can say that I am down a few pants sizes.  Between a longer walk to work from my parking spot, to rethinking how we eat and loving veggies more than anythign else, it will be an interesting year.  This post may get edited in the future when I have more time to add some reflections from 2012, but for now, this is a good start.

Speaking of which, for 2013 I want to see new things, get  out camping more, get a little fitter, pick up knitting again, and continue to take risks in books and food and try out new things!  Spend more quality time with my family, get out on more dates with my hubby, spend quality time with my dearest friends when I can.  Okay, now the list is really taking off.. ttfn.

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