Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Lately I have been reflecting on what "success" means to me.

Such as, what a successful morning is to me has taken on a whole new meaning. 

In the past, a great morning (during the work week) was getting up around 7:30 am, shower, get ready for work, eat, run out of the house, attempt to be at work on time. 

Now, it is get up before 6am, shower, have a coffee, make lunches, kids get up, feed them breakfast, make sure they are dressed, get all their gear together, load the car, make sure they have eaten, make sure they have shoes, figure out dinner, maybe do some dishes, try to remember my breakfast, get dressed, maybe run a brush through my hair, get a second coffee, load the car, cat herd the kids in the car, and leave.  Maybe, remember to ask the kids if they need to go to the washroom, and hope that I don't get stopped by a train as I try to leave our home community.  Hope traffic is good.  Get up the hill. Drop C off at daycare, park car, walk B to his daycare walking group, run across campus, hope that I am close to being on time for work, start my day.

We can get off track in so many ways in the morning. Rebellion about eating, rebellion over clothes.  Get in the car, and one of the boys has to pee.  Get stopped by a West Coast Express.  Get stopped by multiple freight trains.  Accidents, traffic, unexpected pit stops along the way.  Mornings are an adventure.  Sometimes they don't get along, sometimes there is yelling, on any of our parts.  This morning was a great morning.  Traffic patterns have positively changed for us, and I think I am slowly getting the hang of this morning gig.  Success is getting to work, almost on time, no yelling involved, kids faces somewhat clear of breakfast, and not forgetting jackets, hats, gloves, lunches, library books, and my own breakfast.

Some mornings I get in to work, and I am already tired.  Or still tired.  Some mornings I just wonder.  Speaking of which, did I mention today was a good morning?  Ultimately success in all parts except that it is now snowing.  Dropped off B with only shoes and no snowboots.  I hope he avoids the  puddles at lunch and when he walks to daycare...

On the same note, for Christmas, I got two things that have really stood out.  The coolest popsicle set (Star Wars light sabre set) and some books from my hubby.  I love to read, and the books he picked were awesome.  Well thought out, a total surprise, and well, romantic as a result.  Weeks later, makes me happy.

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