Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catchy title

First off, this wasn't a book that I would normally pick.  One of the ladies in my book club had a bag of books and invited us to plunder, and this was one cover page that caught my attention.  I had not idea what it was about, missed the baby hat altogether, and was caught up in the names of all those classics against the red background.  Interesting on how one picks out a free book to read. 

This is young adult, and an easy read.  This is a book about friendship, teenage pregnancy and young love, making mistakes, relationships, and even touches upon postpartum depression.  Perhaps a current version of "Are you there God, it is me, Margaret?", but not quite.  There is a big leap between reading about masturbation and your best friend delivering a baby out in a cabin with her brother, whom you have a crush on.  There were parts of this book that were a bit much, such as the religious fundamentalist parents that wouldn't accept their daughter's pregnancy, and some parts that were great, such as a house designed with a special chill out room.  It's a quite read, and I quite liked that each chapter started with the first line from a classic novel.  It was a nice way to frame the story, especially as our narrator, Julie, starts the book contemplating first lines, and then finishes with a similar reflection upon closers.  All in all, a decent read, and I liked that teenage pregnancy wasn't glorified, rather, it was a life changing, terrifying event that created a lot of unknowns in a young women's life.

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