Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did I mention success?

Was it only a week ago I was shouting to the world about what a successful morning looked like? I think I had a great big failure of one this morning.  Well, maybe not a failure, but some learning moments! Such as, better to take the trash out the night before, rather than scrambling to do it before I head out to work.  When the kids are up at an ungodly hour with me, it does help to get them dressed earlier rather than later.  Weirdly enough, if everything seemed to unravel for a bit before we left, by the time we started to drive, everything sorted itself out.  We won't talk about whether or not I was on time for work today.

I should be asleep.  I can't believe I say that and it is 10:30pm.  I remember a short time ago when it was a Friday night and Ken and I would be getting ready to play a hockey game at this time.  Seems like a lifetime ago and then some.  I remember being an undergrad, and I didn't do mornings.  I would stay up until all hours, and then try to sleep in as long as I could.  Now a sleep in is 7... of course getting to 7 I usually wake up about 5:45 since that is when my alarm goes off.  Then I try to coax myself back to sleep. 

Long day, meeting at the end of the day so I didn't get home until 9.  A quiet house, I had time to finish my book, and catch up on some posts.  The last few months have been chaotic, and too much winter illness through the house, which has hit us all, takes it toll.  Time to regroup, make sure we all gets lots of sleep (ironic, considering the last paragraph), continue to work on improving diets and exercise.  Speaking of which, I made it 2 jogs again in to 10km running.  Two runs seems to be my magic number.  It felt great.. and then it seems life got in the way.  No matter how motivated I am to try to train to JOG a 10km, I can't seem to get my ass out of bed early to get out for a jog, or to even think about it once the kids are in bed.  Not happening.  I think I will aim for a jog on the weekends, even just to walk and jog and get out in nature, and just breath.

At work, it seems like groups of us end up wearing the same colour at the same time... we joked about the colour blue tomorrow.. will be interesting to see if the idea stuck.  On to transitions, it is really and truly a transition going for a home daycare to a group daycare.  Our poor wee guy I don't think has had an easy go of it, especially since he is deciding to give up on naps.  No naps, means he is melting at the end of the day.  Ironically, now that he is going to bed earlier, that piece is easier.  I also think he has gone through a growth spurt, has been really hungry, and ultimately needs to learn how to become friends with people.  Amazing how much learning we do throughout our lives.  Being a parent is not an easy gig.  All this self-actualization and setting our kids up for success isn't easy, especially when I am still a work in progress.

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