Sunday, January 27, 2013

Caught in another series

The nice thing about finding a new author that writes decent crime fiction, is that you have a new series to delve in to.  The down side is that I keep leaping in to these series part way through.  Of course, they all say that each novel is a stand alone, and you don't have to read them in order, however, it really does help in terms of character development, especially when the author likes to use flashbacks. 

I have to admit that I used to like using italics in some of my writing.  I have come to realize that I tend to skip over what is italicized, even though I am aware that these are generally points that are trying to be emphasized for one reason or another by the author.  A few chapters are like this in this book, and I found I had to really work at reading these sections, even if they included a lot of important past information that shed light on one character actions. 

A thoroughly satisfying crime novel.  Since I have now read a few books in the Cole/Pike series, this one felt a bit familiar.  Again, having read later novels that also use flashbacks, I think some of the familiarity came from that.  I am glad that I am now tracking the books I read.. when I get those moments of deja vu, I can now easily look back to see what I was reading, and when, and try to figure out the connection. 

I find it interesting that I like to go back and forth between crime novels and literature.  Through in the odd romance by an old favourite author, and then a totally random book, and you have a pretty eclectic bookshelf!  I have started a pile of books that I will use as trade ins to get more.

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