Monday, February 25, 2013

This is one of those books we should all read...

Really, truly, where did the last month go?  I was doing so well there for a while, posting about the books I was reading, lamenting about how things were going, and then time really started to take off in the last few weeks, and here we, mere days before the end of February.  Things are slowly getting better.  It was almost as if things had to get pretty fugly before there were going to get better. 

To summarize, wee man is doing way better in his new daycare setting.  That is except for the meltdown he had this morning when I tried to drop him off.  People don't tell you about the moments you try to drop your child off at care and then they freak out and don't want you to go, the crying, the fists beating their chest, the wailing, and the tears.  It is heartbreaking.  Starting your work day, which happens to be a Monday, like this, really sucks.  It makes you hope your day can only get better from there.  At the end of the day, when I picked him up, all was good,  He had a great day by all reports.

Of course, since he was late, our big guy was also late.  So I got to sign him in.  We are all trying to help him engage more positively.  Ultimately I think more attention was spent on motor skill development that his social skills - especially since he is a loving and happy kid.  It appears the next task is to help him make better friendships.

My job has been an endless learning curve.  A bit unreal at times, a bit overwhelming at times, but also good.  It is rewarding when things come together, I look forward to having another term under my belt and more confidence to answer the endless barrage of questions that seem to come my way.  My volunteer job has felt like that - another learning curve that has shifted a bit in to what has become very time consuming.  It isn't quite what I expected, or anticipated evolving over the last year.  I have started knitting dishcloths again, and up next may be a hat for one of the folks that takes care of B after school.  I am trying to think of what else I read this month... I tried to read a popular thriller writer, but it was beyond what I want to read now. 

Ah yes, I started Crow Lake, by Mary Lawson but am postponing it until I finish this month's book club book.  I did finish the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  What a novel.  What a story to tell.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is totally worth reading.  It has been a few weeks so I am not in the position to truly go off as I would have a few weeks ago, but what a powerful story about science, about a life, about ethics, about perseverance.  I admire Skloot for seeing this story through and for having the courage to tell this story.  I am proud to hear about this family, and how they are claiming their own place in the world, and this is a story to read about how cellular/cancer research evolved, and tissue culture, and this whole world most of us don't have an idea about.  A really powerful novel, incredible storytelling considering it is non fiction, well written, I can't say enough about how important reading books like this is. 

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