Thursday, February 28, 2013

Provocative title

Hands down, a great title.  This was a book club read, and I glad that it was suggested.  I don't think I would have ever stumbled across this one, and although I can't shout down it's praises from the rooftops, it is a decent read.  This is a provocative title, and a novel based on a provocative idea.  This book is written from a female perspective, male writer, during the 19th century during the push west and the inevitable wars with First Nations. The book is loosely based around a true event - that of a great Cheyenne Chief Little Wolf requesting the American government for a "1000 white women" for their men to help them facilitate entry in to "white man's culture"  It didn't happen, but this is an interesting take on what would have happened if even one group of willing women was sent west in to temporary marriages with Cheyenne men.  Interesting idea, overall good book, some great history included.  I did find that this book sometimes dragged for me.  It wasn't quite a quick read.  You know when your hubby notices that you have been carting it around for a bit that it isn't a speedy read.

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