Saturday, March 2, 2013

End of the world literature

This book is somewhat ironic, considering that I picked it up to read from the library without realizing what it was about.  I mean this in the sense that I had just returned The Road, which is a book my DH got me for Christmas (he meant well, it is a very acclaimed book) that I had tried to read a few years ago and just couldn't stomach.  Yes, The Road is well written, however, I am just not in to nihilist, end of the world type books.  Hence the irony, in many ways the Age of Miracles is just that - an end of the world book.

It was an easier and quicker read than the last book.  In some ways it reminded me of reading the Lit Report (likely because both had younger heroines).  There are moments of brilliance in here, but I just really struggle with books about the end of the world.  They just don't do a lot for me.  The idea of this book is interesting - it describes from a 12 year female point of view, what happens as the earth's rotation starts to slow down.  It isn't terribly dark, there is some humor, and it is definitely an interesting read.  That being said, I am glad it was as quick read.  I do like that the the lead characters wrote their names and the dates in wet cement.. there parting words were "We were here".  Something profound in simple elegance.

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Anonymous said...

You're right on the money! So hard not to let that tank reach empty. I am glad you're making the small changes. That's been my mantra of late as well. Small changes will move me in the direction I need to go. Thanks for this!