Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snow day

We got a snow day! Got the call from the phone tree moments after checking out our website to see I had a day off on my hands. What an unexpected pleasure. There are days where they should shut us down and never do, and then days where we do get shut down and I am just grateful and gleeful. Today felt like a bonus - time to spend with the kids, fritter away from time, make playdough, watch some tv with my hubby, read... and now, stay up way too late because I am over-tired.

A mere 12 days in to the new year, and I am finally finishing off my first book.

It felt like it took forever to finish, even though I was enjoying it. You can tell when the kids don't go to bed at a reasonable time when my chances to read go down to the tubes. So my first book to note for the year -

John Lescroart
The Hunt Club

A far better read than his first novel, Sunburn, which I turned a few pages of. I really enjoy his novels and his characters, and reading about San Francisco - of which I have a new yen to visit again sometime in the next decade... I think that Lescroart is more cerebral, and his writing style appeals (as a legal thriller) to me far more than a Grisham does. This book introduces a few new characters to the mix of Hardy and Gltizky, and it was a little jumpy to start, but once I was in, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good break from reality.

I was just itching to get this one finished today, and I was relieved when I finally did. You know when you reach that point of no return when you are reading a book where you just want to finish the damn thing and move on? I was there this morning, so it was a bit distracting and I was glad my youngest had an early nap and my elder enjoyed some cartoons until I finished the book off with a flourish.

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