Thursday, January 20, 2011

and now it snows.

We had an anticlimatic snow day last week, where we were told it would dump, and then it would warm up and rain. Which it did. I think that for the month of January we are well over 20 cms /200mm/lots of inches of rain... gotta love living in a rain forest! Snow was briefly mentioned for this morning, but it was to be a mild flirtation with the white, wet stuff. No accumulations were mentioned. Well, it was an interesting drive in to work this morning, and I am glad that I have a 4x4. Nothing like going uphill in 4 high. Everything is white, is a beautiful winter wonderland out there and days like this wish I actually had a smart phone that could take pictures.

I also should have stayed up the extra half hour and finished off the hat I am knitting myself... but it was my book that drew me in. I seem to be having a bit of an insomniac week - I have been short changing myself sleep every night. This means I am having more than my usual one cuppa joe a day too... (when I can justify it because I am that tired)

Ah teething, how I love thee. Connor's eye teeth are so .. close!! You can see the pointy outlines, and his hands are in his mouth all the time, and he is a wee bit cranky. Just cut the damn things. Teething sucks.

I am off and running in a ramble.. so the infinite wisdom of the folks in a self-regulating board censoring the lyrics for Money for Nothing. Are you kidding me? Really, I don't drop those kind of f-bombs, or n-bombs for that matter... but going back 20 years to a classic song and recommending that it is no longer played?? Give me a break - there are so many way, way more offensive words/lyrics out there than to target this one... really?

Yet one of the reasons I smack my forehead on occaison. That and some local politics... like the Vancouver mayor who blithely watches the petting zoo close at Stanley Park and then spends millions on other projects... really? there is a role of a place for kids to get in touch with a little bit of nature, especially in the big city! You want a green city where people care? Nice when it isn't a foreign concept and these kids can feel and touch and interact with these animals and maybe realize us humans aren't alone...

Ramble, rant, what is the difference?

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