Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Helps me through the day

Damn, is he cute or what??? So the hat doesn't fit... who cares? Must say, I cannot wait for those eye teeth to come through. Teething sucks. 8 more teeth to go.

You may have guessed, a short term goal is to post more. It is early yet.

I am also going to steal a page from the KittenWhore's book and start listing/reviewing all the books I read this year. Technically I have already read one, but I am not going to count it because after 50 or so pages, I started to skim read it since it just didn't pull me along. It was Lescroart's first novel, Sunburn, and although it is amazing to see how far he has come as an author, this novel did nothing for me. Which was surprising, since I really enjoy every thing else he has written! Good to know... and it is in the pile to head back to the used bookstore.

On a similar vein, interesting how some authors seem to peak out and get really repetitive, and others ripen like a fine wine. I find that Lescroart is like that fine wine... but that Reiches, whom I read the whole lot as quickly as I could... seemed to peak out and plateau (although I will still read her next novels, just not in the rush or priority I would have previously).

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