Friday, January 14, 2011


Normally I graze at my desk, and then take off for a walk on my lunch, but today, work has been totally nuts. So instead of getting out for a walk on my lunch and blowing off steam, here I am, scarfing back food and frittering away time on the web. Okay, I may get a chance to pick up a book... but it just seems that when I stick around, the time just goes by way too quickly.

I am experiencing the joys of the hurry up and wait and do we have space for my kid in the k-kids program so he can go to the elementary school of our choice. I hate that we have to wait, and that there is a huge unknown factor right now.

Yes, he has a space in our catchment area, but we have been operating under the assumption that since we are "in" in our daycare/preschool close to my work, that it makes sense that we should be "in" for the next level. I have learned, that is not the case. We are looking at a 10-20% chance Brandon will get in to the kingergarten program here, so you need to help us out and do the k-kids dance. Not that the school here is better than close to home, it just makes life so much easier if he is up here, and then our before and after school care is sorted, and then eventually Connor will come on up here, and join the toddler and all will good.

Then I know we don't have the chaos of changing schools when (not if) we move...

FKUC. Registration for kindergarten is Feb 8th. I hope we get good news before then. If not, we register and start looking elsewhere... the part that sucks is that our home daycare is close, but not close enough to the elementary school and already does before and after school care but at a different elementary school. Life was looking a little simpler than it does now. Fingers crossed it all sorts out in our favour.

Part that sticks in my craw is that you think that once you are "in", you are "in". The fact that there is this chaos and level of uncertainty sucks. They should be way more up front about this when you sign your kid up... especially since they force a graduated start in the beginning only to turf them out in the end if there isn't enough space..

/end rant

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