Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years, 2011

Penguin Plunge 2011

It would appear that there is no need for the traditional bucket of ice to be poured in to Rocky Point... this kind man is clearing off the boat launch for us slightly crazy souls.

I was really and truly shocked. Brandon did the plunge with me! He didn't even cry! Apparently telling him he could have fries (with ketchup, mum) and a burger was all the motivation he needed to chin up when I carried him in with me.

It is still a great way to ring in the New Year... This was swim #8 for me, and in the beginning, English Bay and the Polar Swim was the best.. and then a few times out in Deep Cove... but you know, there is something to be said about doing your yearly dunk in your own community and to be only about 10 minutes away from home instead of 45... This was the first year it truly felt like a polar dip with the ice on the water - this was a bit unexpected as it is tidal in this area!! lots of people watching, and a good vibe.

Happy New Years!

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