Monday, January 10, 2011


I can't really call it a "new years resolution" but one of the things that I am working on is just trying to stay on top of things around the house.

Things like doing the dishes right after a meal, or picking up more things as you go along and not walking around them, or not leaving the house looking like T0ys R US exploded all over ever square inch of carpeting (getting the kids to clean up before bed in other words)... I am learning that it is all about time management. Getting things done, making those lists, and unless I am totally done, not letting things slide until I am looking at a good 4 hour clean up on Saturday morning.. because frankly, that sucks.

I am so not a perfect housekeeper, and I will never have a house where you could eat off of the floors (and that isn't neccessarily a good thing for your immune system, we need some dirt, dammit) but I have come to an understanding at last why it does help to spend a few minutes in the morning tidying up, or sweeping more often, or choosing to do the dishes right away rather than letting it go (which is what I used to do, and then you face a mountain of dried dished the next morning) ... damn, yet another sign I am not a kid anymore. As if this latest batch of kids in post secondary wasn't bad enough!!!

So if my theme for the last couple of years was learning how to let go of things (getting pretty good at it now), this year's lesson is all about management.

I started off calling this post "a smoother morning" only to realize I didn't even mention that this morning didn't suck. Got the boys fed in a reasonable amount of time, dressed pretty good, and even to daycare without much fuss, and then walked in to work with a minute or two to spare! Tonight we are going to aim to get our youngest to bed earlier than ever.. we seem to be getting his nap time all wrong and he ends up over-tired and won't go to bed at a reasonable time.... will see if that helps...

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