Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sandhill Cranes

I think we will make a yearly tradition and head out to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary at some point of every Christmas Holiday. It is such a great counterbalance to Christmas festivities...

Waited for the world to warm up a bit this morning and then the four of us headed out. There is not quick way out here, so it makes for a nice drive. Finally got smart and just brought snowsuits for the boys so they wouldn't get too cold and away we went! I was surprised at how busy it was there, and the range of peoples. I was also suprised at how few times people bunched up on the trails and it felt like there were "too many" people.

We didn't really see any snow geese this time (too bad), but we did get to see the 8 sandhill cranes, which are a really cool bird. Their warble is unique, and they are quite friendly and graceful. Saw many many water fowls, and Connor gladly chased the ducks down. Such a different experience than last time - it helped having Ken along with the extra pair of hands (and that it was a family outing) and that Brandon and Connor can both walk. We brought the wagon along just in case, and it was nice to have so we didn't have a lot of whining from tired kids who didn't want to walk anymore.

I enjoy this winter wonderful - different colours (all earth tones), the brisk fresh air, and the variety of the wildlife that you can chance to see. We even saw an owl driving home!! I think I have only seen owls in the wild twice (once in Ladney and once in Yellowstone).

I must say, those are some damn healthy birds they have there! All plump and verrrrra happy!

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