Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have no sparkling and valid excuses for why I have dropped off of the face of the blogisphere.

I have just been damn busy.

Snowed in like the rest of everyone else - and fighting winter colds, almost flus, midnight runs to the hospital to make sure the little dude was alright, getting ready for Christmas, procrastinating about our Christmas cards... they will be belated cards, I have them somewhat prepared, but I have been saying that for a few days now.

Christmas was good - a quiet affair this year.

New Years was good, another quiet affair. A little time with the core family group with a great dinner, some family time, some friend time, some banging on pots at midnight time.

The great snow falls, and then the great melt has had a huge impact on just everything.

It's been strange experiencing a true Canadian winter - snow. More snow. More snow. A little clearing, then more snow. Now rain, and there is what looks like to be some breaks in the clouds and I went outside at lunch and I didn't freeze! Who knew?

So, it's a new year, and I won't make any promises, but it shouldn't be another month before I decide to appear again. There are a few things on the horizon that I suspect will take up a few inches of space on here. Plus I have read a few interesting books in the interim too.

So, hello. I am back.

Happy New Years and all the rest!


Naomi said...

Welcome back - I missed you!! :O)

Cher said...

Yeah- I have been just as bad at blogging. I am not sure that anyone reads my blog though so that also makes me feel not so bad! Happy New Year...