Thursday, January 22, 2009

Above the clouds

Well, we didn't win the lotto last night, as far as I can tell so I am back at work for another day.

The weather has been mighty strange around these parts. Aside from having a real winter, off the hill (AKA where I work) the world is enveloped by freezing fog.

My view from my office is much like what you see flying - except that I can see the snow outside of my offices and the treeline, and the rest is just fluffy clouds. No lower mainland, no island mountains, just a beautiful, endless stream of white that slowly dissolves in to blue sky.

Today just hasn't been a great day. A few things completely out of my control, and I am left behind to mop up the messes. Blech. Of course there are good moments sandwiched in between the frustrating ones, but it just seems like an uphill battle today.

On a total aside, the Canucks are totally sliding. It is almost amusing that with the Great Swede, the goaltender return, and the return of Finn, all hopes are pinned on these guys' shoulders. It is just bizarre, bandwagon jumpers, how the media plays up some elements - one guy isn't a team. What the team is missing is charisma - we went to the Flyers game at the end of December and there as no excitement at GM place. Why is that? People are dropping a lot of money to see a game and they just sit there and drink beer. Cheer, yell, enjoy... Bring back the organ player!!!

We saw almost as many Flyer's jerseys as we did Canuck's jerseys. This makes me way more excited to get out and watch something like the Giants (junior hockey)- where there is energy in the stands, and the game feels a bit more dynamic and the kids are hungry and trying to make it to the show, and you can go to a game and not spend $200 bucks for a good night out.

I am glad that the week is almost done... it's been a long week.

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