Monday, January 19, 2009

Just a random monday

I can't believe I am already 18 weeks along. Where the hell has the time gone? I am well entrenched in to the second trimester, and I must admit, the second time around is mostly easier, because you have an idea of what to expect. The harder part is that you know more, and the wait after all your blood work gets done and that first dating ultrasound moving to the past is a big deal because then you can (hopefully) breath a huge sigh of relief.

I am cooking in my office. The sun is glaring off the snow, and the heat is full on. Having a slightly open window is not making a difference at all. I have the blinds down, am sweating, and it feels like I should be on a beach somewhere south. I am only complaining a little - it is nice to finally be on the right side of the temperature inversion and not be wondering how the hell I am going to get down from this hill in a blizzard.

So yes, I will try to return to semi-regular postings again. It was hard in December with being so busy, and well, having some fairly big news that I wasn't quite ready to break yet.

Our computer also rolled over last month- more than likely not a virus but some lovely bit ended up corrupted. It is amazing the amount of time you can spend reinstalling programs to get your computer back to where it was before any of the chaos started. I think we have things running better, and well, we had a big backlog of shows to watch on the ol' PVR so losing them probably isn't a bad thing. Starting fresh. It is kind of nice.

I felt like a bit of a shit this weekend because I ended up adjusting some plans with friends. Aiming to get together and eat after 8 just wasn't working for me. So, I made a comment about it and wasn't popular because then a few other folks were baulking at eating later on. Everything ended up working out in the end, and I was really glad.. but when I am starting to consider making more dinner for my sitters (thanks folks) and Brandon and then some for myself and I am heading to eat at a buffet.. something is wrong... we still ended up eating at 8, but we weren't starting in the line at that point (which made a huge difference).

At this point I figure it is fair to say this is what works for us making the plans, and then you can say what works for you, if you need to make changes, and then see if it works to meet in the middle - if it doesn't, maybe next time! It isn't all or nothing, and I think if someone says... well, that doesn't quite work, how about this, that is ok, you have to honor yourself and yours, and hopefully make things work.


Nicole said...

I hear you on the eating too late. I find now, even at 23 weeks or so, it makes me rather ill. Maybe its the waiting, or maybe its just eating too late, I don't know.

(And then, if I decide to skip dinner because its too late? I wake up at 2am absolutely ravenous :))

And're like, 5 weeks behind me. We'll have to get together sometime over the next year or so :)

Kazzy said...

Before the year is out..

I FIGURED we were close, once I figured out that I was preggers.. LOL

What is your due date?? Me - June 22nd.... I guess you are around the middle of May?

Naomi said...

HOLY MOLY kidding about dropping a bomb!! Congrats to you all. Must make it a priority to see you soon and give you a huge hug!! XOXO.

Kazzy said...


When ever you are on this side of the pond, let us know, would be great to see!!! Hope all is well!

Nicole said...

Yeah, am due May 16 (or so). Although, knowing who the parents of this one one, she's going to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. :)