Sunday, January 11, 2009

catching up on some good reads

After not being able to read much for early December, I was finally able to get through a few books over the holidays. Funny how a few feet of snow will help enable a person for that!

I read a few of my favorite escapist novelists, and also managed to pick up a few not so light reading materials.

Although it took me nearly three months to read, I finally finished Madame Proust and the Kosher Kitchen by Katy Taylor. It felt like a book I would have read back in the day of doing my English degree. It was good - one of those novels that gets better upon reflection but it wasn't an easy read or a page burner. It was one I struggled through, not because I wasn't interested, I just didn't find it easy to read. Comparing it to some of the Canadian Lit I have read, this was a great read! LOL Well worth a perusal, three stories about three women in different times with interwoven historical threads. It was a very subtle and good read.

I just finished Walking After Midnight by Katy Hutchinson. Wow. What a compelling novel. One of the ladies in my book club mentioned it, and it was nothing like what I expected. It is a story about being true to oneself, moving through an unbelievable tragedy (the murder of your husband), and the power of restorative justice. It is a true story, and a local one at that, Squamish. Well worth a read, not always easy, but very powerful stuff.

I am now working my way through the Time Traveler's Wife and it is enchanting in its differences. I have heard nothing but good things about this book - and so far it is living up to the hype, we shall see as the pages unfold and the love story develops over "time".

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Regan said...

I loved the Time Traveler's Wife. I believe that it is currently being made into a movie, but I thought the book was very engaging.

You should read "The Flying Troutmans" by Miriam Toews.... just read it over the holidays and I thought it was beautiful (although some might say over the top).