Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girls night...

It been eons, but last night, instead of meeting up and discussing a book, my book club went to the movies. We saw the Secret Life of Bees... it was poignant, and I think a fairly faithful rendition of the book. It was a total chick flick, and not the type that I will twist my DH's arm to watch at a later date. Aside from the five of us, there were 2 other couples of women.

Definitely a woman's movie, LOL.

Brandon was channeling his inner two year old this morning. Gawd Forbid. I cut his toe nails this morning and that set him right off. The crying. The whining. The whinging. Ah, I love that boy but he was a bit trying this morning. Only a few minutes late for work, but it is amazing how mercurial his moods can be at times. No, he truly not a terrible two (I think that parents control a lot of that with feeding and naps) but there are moments, where their moods are all over the board, and you just have to ride it out.

I have a bunch of books on the go - I am reading the latest Reichs book. I still really enjoy them, but you can tell that she has a sharper wit in her books. I laugh, but I also find it more crafted than her earlier books. I am also in the middle of the Twilight series... Yes, I am enjoying them as good escapist literature.. and then for my literary side I am reading "Madame Proust and the Kosher Kitchen" which is interesting, but definitely not a fast read. It is my work read, so I am plodding my way through it since I haven't really been getting the chance to take proper lunches in the last few weeks.

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Refinnej said...

Ok, that's it. I guess I have to read the Twilight series. LOL