Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I guess it's a good thing I didn't sign up...

I had high hopes of participating in NABLOPO this year...I figure that I love following the few friends that valiantly post every day for the month, and it is just nice to return the favor. If I would have attempted it this time around, I would have been abusing my time stamps on a daily basis, which pretty much defeats the whole spirit of the thing.

Maybe next year :D

It's been another damn busy month. Lots of history made. Lots of days I can't believe that the markets are still free-falling or that our dollar could be getting hammered like it is.

It's also joyous paying less than a dollar for gas. At $50 bucks a barrel, I wonder what kind of a rude awakening we are in for when the market readjusts itself.

I have been bloody tired this month with the longer nights and just bloody busy at work. I acquired more work, and now I have to learn to give up some of my work too. Before I do that, I have to get procedures manuals done... a never ending cycle of to dos.. and the word gets out I am here, and it seems that I am a popular person to seek out. So much so the newest on board made a comment about it this week.

Brandon had a follow up appointment this morning for his hydrocephalus and we officially got the all clear, life is good, and we'll see you in a year. What a huge weight off of our shoulders. Then again, I knew this. As a mother you do develop a sixth sense for when your kid is just not "right" and when something is "wrong". He's doing awesome. Or to quote my little dude:

me - "Hey Brandon, you are so my baby"
Brandon - "Hey Mom - I'm not a baby, I am a ROCK STAR."

Enough said. Cheeky bugger. Fits right in. And he is healthy as hell!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYA!

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Betty said...

That's a spunky kid ya got there! Kinda like his Momma. ;)