Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A week went by?

Holy hot tamales - where have the days gone?

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I have had the chance to sit at the computer for a few moments longer than checking the old bank account and paying some bills! This week has had its moments, that is fer sure.

Saturday we went to our first 'really big outing'. A friend got married up at Grouse Mountain and it was time to pack us all up and roll the dice and see how things would go. I honestly can't believe what a great baby Brandon is/was that night. He slept from 4:30ish, through the drive (go figure) and then up the Gondola, and then through the ceremony, all the way up to the speeches. At which point he did wake up, didn't fuss a lot, got the hiccups to the hilarity of our table, and then I discretely took him away for a change and a teaser feed (any time he only gets the boob for 10 minutes is a teaser in our books). He was the hit of the wedding, and everyone was shocked that we were out an about at 19 days old! He passed with flying colours, and when we got home, he flaked out pretty good and then we had a decent night. The views from Grouse are amazing, and it blows my mind how many people flock to do the grind, it would just be such a hell hike straight up (worse than a stairmaster) but I can grudgingly admit the views would almost make up for it...

It was a great wedding - one of my few friends that I have stayed in contact from my uni days, whom has relocated to the foreign shores of the UK. Her husband is a great fit for her, and a lovely man. When you don't really know the people that are going to be at a wedding, it is hard to judge what kind of a time you will have. We had a great time. It seems that like truly does attract like, and when you have stuck it out so long in a friendship, there is much in common that you didn't even realize, such as the other people that have stuck around in your life, generally they tend to get on as well. Our table was a veritable riot. We had fun together. Viv looked stunningly beautiful, and had pictures done at sunset. I really hope that the day's fading light does her justice and their wedding pictures turn out fabulous.

That is, until Sunday night. Sleep was optional for mom, and Monday blitzed by in a flurry of feeds, and hoping that he would sleep for longer than a 20 minute power nap, and trying to get a handle on the house again, since the weekend was more about getting out and doing stuff than cleaning up after ourselves.

And that brings us to today... we all finally fell asleep about 2am, and I think that Brandon is going through his first real growth spurt. I think last night he may have been over-tired, but hopefully things are sorting out again. We have created a website for Brandon, where we will attempt to post some pictures and updates fairly regularly....

I have also mastered the art of reading while b'feeding, or talking on the phone. At this point, the time where I can multitask and do a few things for me. That said, I am going through books like there is no tomorrow. I think I am bringing my mom a new book to read every 2-3 days and I think she is at the point that the pile of books is becoming an intimidating task and some might make it to her bookshelf, LOL.

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