Thursday, August 17, 2006


Sleep seems to be somewhat optional at weird times this week.

I also think I need to rethink my stance on naps in the afternoon, since the sleep I have been getting has been more or less all over the board and I think I was pretty over-tired and over-sensitive by the time 10pm rolled around last night. I like the idea of naps, but when I have a hard time falling asleep at the best of times, I feel a bit cynical about my ability to just fall asleep during daylight hours.

Somewhat better today, and perhaps not having had a coffee today is making an impact, but this is so my tired time of the day and I am starting to look sideways at my bed, and hear it call my name. Sorting out sleep habits with a newborn can be really frustrating. For a few nights Brandon was up between 10pm-2am, and last night we had a great sleep between 11 and 4am, and then up until 8am. It is all a learning curve, figuring out what works today (or this week) and what doesn't work. Time and time again I am reminded to throw out all preconceptions and just start with a clean slate and figure out what works for us.

Perhaps I shall try this catch 40 winks concept out. See if it works, or makes a difference. Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

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michelle said...

you are the blog queen!! i will be going back into the archives to read all.. Have to exchange e-mal addy's .I've done a header for the young man.if you want it...Michelle Rob and McKenna