Sunday, February 21, 2010

That tree in Brooklyn.

When I finished a Tree Grows in Brooklyn I wanted to start typing out different quotes that I felt were relevant, or moved me. To reiterate myself, I can't believe that in so many years of university English literature classes, I never stumbled across this book. It is a really good read. It is so much a women's novel, and about growing up (coming of age), and about striving for more. This book is about family, and about surviving poverty, and even childhood.

It's funny, I am sitting here struggling with what words to say about this book and not really coming up with a lot more than "I enjoyed this book, and I think it is an important one to read". I think after coming up with a few posts for this week that have been floating around in my head that I have exhausted my store of thoughtful words.

It seems that in the last six months, I have been picking up some really profound books that have left quite an impression on me. I have also been reading just a lot of really good escapist novels too. I have this said before, but I couldn't imagine not being an avid reader and I hope I am raising two little readers. I love our night time reads, and we have been pretty good about picking out some great kid's literature that is a lot of fun to read to the boys.

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