Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ride

It certainly wasn't my first time, and I am sure it won't be the last time, but watching the RCMP musical ride is always a treat, and does make me feel a little patriotic and proud.

It also helps having an in - being pretty tight with a member who was in the ride and still knows everyone. The ride is at Holland Park throughout the big O, and we traveled with our friend and his family to watch today. Pretty nice getting VIP treatment, and parking around the back by the stables. The weather held out just long enough for us, and it was neat to be there. This was not a scheduled performance, but people still showed up in droves.

I am glad that they have been performing during the big O, does it get anymore Canadian than the ride and the red serge of our mounted? It has been cool watching the red clothes and maple leafs being worn with pride, and then today, driving home, listening to the hockey game and when Canada scored, listening to everyone honk and knowing that even in their cars, most of us were tuned in to the game.
It has been interesting to see how the big O has evolved over the two weeks it has been on, how my own attitude towards it has also grown a wee bit too. Before I go off on a tangent... if you get the chance to check out the ride, it is worth it. Touristy, yeah. Waving the flag, yeah. Canadian? Oh yeah!

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