Saturday, February 20, 2010

An olympic experience

Aside from catching the torch relay, I really hadn't given it a lot of thought to trying to catch an O-event. From how they did the tickets, in waves, and then by lottery, to just the perceived cost, and well, having two young kids also factors in to the equation... it just didn't seem to be in the cards to get out and experience an event.

Thanks to a dear family member, I got to go!! My dear hubby not only drove me back and forth to the venue, but also watched the kids while I got to go out and enjoy a women's hockey game. Went with a good diverse group of my extended family, and everything just clicked. It was a classic rivalry between Russia and Slovakia, and the Russians ended up winning. It wasn't the most exciting game I have been too, but it was a LOT OF FUN. There is still such a gap in terms of skill level in the world of women's hockey... Everyone was in a good mood, there was so much patriotism, so many pairs of those red gloves in the crowd... the atmosphere was amazing. It was great to be out watching women's hockey, and that it looked like a sell out crowd, and that people were cheering on the women! I remember when I first started playing in the early 90s, and to see so many people out to a women's game... just awesome. We have come a long way baby!!!

I am glad I made it out to an O-event. It was right up there in the top games I have seen live. It was cool to cheer for both teams, and to just enjoy being there - hell, I was even on the jumbo-tron a few times!! Everything is heavily branded, and there is lots of swag. Seems like O-pins are the thing to collect.

I would like to check out the flame at some point, and maybe drive around the city at night to see the rings in Coal Harbour.. just to see them... but not until the P-event coming up. Shame that so many of the "houses" are only open for the O-event. Kind of think it would be more appropriate if the Paralympic games were held first, and then the Olympics so the excitement would just build, rather than reach a peak and then reach a much smaller peak afterwards. I am glad I have not taken the boys downtown.. I was a little tempted, but it isn't the place. Not stroller friendly, and way too much walking for Brandon.. and then with the crowds.. how much fun is it looking at bodies at waist height?? I think what I have been able to do is just right. From what I am hearing, the atmosphere downtown is just crazy, cool, chaotic, and a little patriotic.

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