Friday, February 19, 2010

Is this really winter???

I could really get used to winters like this. Here is a shameless, patriotic moment.

Yesterday I had an incredible day out at Rocky Point with a dear friend and her daughter, and today, I had another great day out with my mom! I have discovered it isn't so crazy to manage the two boys... if one is on my back in the backpack and one is in the stroller or wagon. Brandon can't always do big distances, so I have been trying out different combinations to see what works for all of us!

It felt like a different kind of freedom getting out the last two days. Yes I CAN!!! Yes WE CAN!!! I wasn't sure how I would manage with the two, but it is almost easier now that Connor is older. Connor loves being in the backpack, and the wagon and the stroller worked well so that Brandon could rest and not do all the walking I like to do. Yesterday we covered about 3-4 km, and today it was about 2-3km. It was so nice to get out and enjoy the weather and this truly incredible spring that we are having. Er, I even typed spring unconsciously.

My boys, chilling at White Rock. Still one of my favourite places to go... even after all these years it doesn't get old.

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