Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well hello there 2010

It wasn't until I started looking at my various pins collected on Polar and Penguin plunges on New Years Day that I realized that it has been five years since my last glorious dip in to freezing water. I was on a hell of a streak between 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 . . . until once again, in 2010.

A few years have been bloody cold - wild winds, rain, snow, and just damn cold. For some reason, this felt like the year to get back at'er and do the plunge. Since the last time, I'm now married, have two kids, and things are on a similar but different track than before. I also figured it was a nice way to bookend the decade. In 2000 I went to English Bay, and yes, that was quite the experience. I had sambucca in a flask and smoked a cigar afterwards. It is a crazy run there in to the water, and you do feel a bit like a spectacle since thousands of people turn out to watch the 2000 or so hardy souls who do the plunge here. A few years we went out to Deep Cove to do the plunge. Nothing like hanging out on some rocks to make your run in and out in a truly beautiful setting. It almost felt colder, being able to look at the mountains and see the snow up close and personal.... this year, it seemed like other plans and ideas did not pan out, and I figured, here I live on the wet coast, and still haven't done a plunge close to my home community.

This year I did. Got there with a few minutes to spare, donned my lovely pink robe, and waited for the run in. The lovely organizing folks even added some ice cubes to the water to ensure that things were good and cold (ha, ha). I ran down the ramp, and then stood there, waist deep in the water. It wasn't bad. In fact it was quite refreshing. I looked around and then figured I should just go ahead and get the rest of me wet, so I did. Then I nonchalantly strolled out of the water. It was great. I am really glad I did it this year. Before I went in, I figured it could be one of my last times doing it.. coming out, I am psyched to do it again next year! Wash away the year, the decade, and start from scratch.

The one down side is that I saw pictures of myself in the bathing suit I was wearing. Oh my. I need something a little more flattering than that. The color is about the only part of that suit that is appealing. This prompted a quick trip to a local store to try on a new suit since they were on sale. Yeah, there goes my ego. Thank god my husband thinks I am sexy because the suits I tried on did nothing for me. Almost as bad as the one I wore to the swim... I need a new suit. Quick. Swimming lessons start up again this week!!!

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