Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Open letter to folks at the pool

I don't think I have spent this much time at a public pool since I was a kid. We were lucky enough that we had a pool for my teenage years (side benefit of parents running a pool and woodstove store, even if it took us three years to build said pool in the backyard... not kidding, we had one of those great gaping holes in our backyard that collected water for a long, long time) and living on the coast, there was always a lake or the ocean to go swim in.

Between Brandon going twice a week, and Connor once a week... we are at the local pool A LOT. It is a nice, new facility. I don't like where they get the parents to sit, it is like the half circle of ogling. On the plus side, they do have a huge unisex area with lots of closed change rooms with showers. I usually head here because of the lockers, and the locked in shower area, are really important when you have a three year old on the go-go-go.

My pet peeve, besides the parent watching area (which just makes you feel lame, and the only folks who really get to watch their kids are those on that first row of the half circle of ogling), would be those folks without kids that use the unisex area. Um. Hello. There are two nicely appointed gender specific change rooms you could use, why are you taking up the space that folks with kids could be using??? Nothing like standing there with a dripping kid clinging from you and your backpack full of clothes behind 2 or 3 single folks without kids. Especially folks that are just getting changed in to their suits!!! Go to your appropriate change room folks and the leave the unisex rooms for the folks who actually need them!!!

/rant over

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