Friday, January 29, 2010

Another month closer

Connor is seven months old. How did this happen? It was only yesterday....

I have rounded the midway point of my inevitable return to work. Hopefully every month doesn't go nearly as fast as this one has. Hard to imagine a week ago at this time I was in a cab heading to Fremont Street... it is equally hard to not to start dreaming about where next!

I sat down thinking I would have more to say, but nothing profound is percolating. I have a Lescroart book on the go, hopefully to finish off tonight. A week ago I had a dearth of books lined up, and now I have a pile of books to read. Have I mentioned that I am glad that I have rediscovered the joys of heading to the library? The selection, the fact that I don't have to pay for a book it really doesn't take me all that long to read, and really, I have so many now, I really don't need more on the shelves (unless I deem it to be one of those books needed for future re-reads), and just being able to see what is out there. I remember all the other times over the years I have spent lots of time in libraries. Old friend, it is nice to reconnect.

So, after this one... I have one called Never Let Me Go that looks like it should be a good read.. and then I will delve in another pocket book...

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