Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I lurve books.

I have a few boxes that I have ready to go to the used book store as trade ins for futures. I figure this will be a weekend trip in the next few weeks, and since I am planning to check out a new, used book store, it should be an adventure. I love the smell of old book stores, they have a life of their own. Lots of memories from being in used book stores. You never know what you are going to find - I think it is an adventure, and I never really seem to stick with the alphabet. I am all over the place as ideas and titles hit, and I attempt to chase them down.

It would be nice to have a local used book store, the ones I really like, one is in Victoria, one is Sechelt, one is in Seattle, another two are in Bellingham. Somewhat closer would be nice.

I just combined my chapters card with my mom's... and we have 6 books waiting to ship once a pre-order book is available! WOO WOO!! New books! I even got a smattering of literature (Curious Incident of the Dog in Nighttime and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn) to tradebacks (not as memorable titles but they are new books from some of my favourite authors) to a deck of kid's yoga poses so me and the kids can stretch! COOL!

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Refinnej said...

You are going to love the Curious Incident book....he's an excellent writer.

I bought yet another damn book on this trip....goddamn Coles (Chapters owned) and that clearance sale that never ends....