Monday, January 11, 2010

The Winter O, eh?

With weeks to go, I find it somewhat ironic that we are in the middle of a typical deluge of rain, and it is hovering about 12 degrees out there. I find it somewhat bizarre that we are to host the winter event here on the west. Winter, what winter? Ah yes, that weird event we experienced last year for a few months and that seems to happen once you pass a place called Hope, ironically enough.

I find it truly bizarre that we were reminded how to be nice. Er, okay. Have you met Canadians? We tend to bend over backwards to be nice... Okay. Maybe not all of us, we do have that slightly nasty east side drug problem... but we survived Expo well enough, I am sure we will do fine this go around.

I just wonder if the visitors truly know what to pack for - ah yes, the Great White North. Must have heavy clothing, gloves, toques... nope. You need a gortex jacket and some funky rainboots. I have no plans to get even close to the city for a long while. Yesterday was my big foray in to the big city, and the end of my girly weekend. My mom and I went and saw a play, and it was excellent... my mom was excellent too!! I can't even post a post whinging and whining and venting. It was a great weekend. Nice thing was, the boys were good for Ken too!!

No wait, I think the month of January is going to be something of an aberration for me - I have our trip to look forward too (almost counting down the days) and I have a book reading to go to this week, I went to a play, I have book club.. some really awesome stuff on the go.

On a totally different note, I am also doing pretty good with my attempt to stay on top of the kitchen and housework... There has been some chaos, a few lunches that didn't get made, but all in all, it is HELPING to stay on top of things rather than let them go and look forward to a three hour marathon clean. I just have to remind myself of this when I have a bad day, or I am barely functioning from lack of sleep.

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