Saturday, January 9, 2010

a taste of things to come...

It has been one of those Saturdays. A night of chaos sleep patterns between the little'uns, and then up early to get C-man out for his first swimming lesson. He was a total rock star and took to water like a fish. All smiles, splashed around, and I even dunked the poor kid. Both kids are officially now in swimming lessons so we are at the pool three times a week. Woah!

After swimming, it was shower the little one, run home, me shower, get both kids together and off to a birthday party. All girls, except my boys. It was pretty cool - got to watch Brandon bounce around in one of those blow up castles, and he did really well running around. A friend's mom who hasn't seen him in over a year said it was like watching a miracle when she saw him walk in to the play room. Made my heart go all twitterpated (yes, that is a real word, somewhere) because we just do every day, and it is nice to hear a comment from someone who hasn't seen him in a while and to know that it is a vast difference from where he was a year ago. I am so proud of my boys - and with Brandon, his will, his smile, his heart. He just goes, and does, and rolls with it. He is a sensitive boy, he is caring, and he is also very strong and generous. We got there, he grabbed the party girls hand, and away they went. He didnt' need me. How cool is that?? Even when it is a part of letting go, it is still a wonder to behold as your kids start to circle around you instead of being glued to your hip.

I am having what I would consider a really "girl" weekend... last night I got out for dinner with the Fabulous Mel and my sistah from another mother, Nej, and it was just divine. We shopped a little and then we ate well. Damn. A fine evening. No kids, adult talk... verra nice. I even get to see Nej again tonight! You know times have changed when hanging out, having dinner together, and just chillaxing is the way to go.

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