Monday, May 31, 2010

Holding on to May...

If today was a really long day, it would mean that June would be a bit farther off than tomorrow. June means Connor turns 1 and my official return to work date is rapidly approaching.

Like my recurring theme of cleaning stuff out and letting go of stuff, it feels like I am half dwelling on my RTW. It isn't a bad thing, I am looking forward to regular paycheques, just not the daycare expenses. Speaking of which, after being on the list for over two years, B's daycare still cannot confirm if he has a space for July.


This month is going by too quickly. I know June will go by even faster. I have done some incredibly cool stuff in the last few weeks - went to Whistler, have caught up with a lot of girl friends, and been out and about as much as possible.

I feel almost paralyzed, not knowing where to start with the things I want to get done before I have time dedicated to work to factor in to the mix . I did clean the carpets - and within hours one of the cats had an accident and Brandon puked. I still need to paint the hallway going upstairs to the laundry room (who knows if it will get done when I want it to)... and just stuff. I am making lists again, which helps... but there are moments I stall out, and just feel tired, and wonder how the first few months back are going to feel since Connor isn't sleeping through the night and the housework still will need to get done.

I am sure I, and we, will adjust. It will be a transition period of chaos, and then the chaos will normalize. Such is how it is. Now I am off to make my first carrot cake.

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