Thursday, May 20, 2010

I will see it through..

Ah yes, today reminds me why I won't do another garage sale. They are just hard on the soul if you aren't a real salesman. I am not a salesman. I may rave (and rant) about some stuff, but I would never cut it on commission.

Didn't end up selling the crib and mattress, I should have washed the cover and the fellow looking at it couldn't get over the cat hair on it, and that the zipper was missing a piece (the pull piece so I am attaching a safety pin to it) to show how the cover comes off. Whatever. My bad. He then wanted to buy the crib without the mattress, and no thank you, I am not making my life harder than it needs to be. Am now washing the cover and will put it back together and hopefully with the next person interested in it, we can make a deal.

Person buying my sling is going to come tomorrow instead of today. Joy.

We also have a cell that I want to sell, but I think I will be heading over to the auction site for that one. Taking in old books is one thing... but I am glad I paid a bunch of my maternity/old clothes forward, and am paying forward our other baby stuff. It is a lot of work, and dealing with people who want a great deal on a good deal. I do it myself, but there is also a way to do it where you aren't stealing from the person either... hence, it is just easier to pay stuff forward where you can. For the crib.. really.. it isn't used. I would like to get something for it... I could just do with out the roller coaster to get it out the door.

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