Thursday, May 20, 2010

it's an odd one..

It looks like I am selling our crib today, and my baby sling.

My official return to work day, is looming closer and closer and I am so glad I have holidays tacked on to that date so I don't go back to work until July.

This morning, getting the big guy ready for swimming, I felt a bit melancholic. No matter how nice it is to declutter, it also means I am moving away from our baby stage and oh boy is it ever a short period of time that your kids are wee. It feels strange to know we won't have more babies (and this is good) and that this time is shifting quietly in to the next stage with our boys.

Brandon is so tall! He talks so well... and 4 is getting closer and closer and soon there will be kindergarten. Wow. My baby will be one... The time has truly flown. I want to hold on to every last day, and cram as many cool and interesting things that I can in to this time that I can... then real life interferes and I still need to do laundry, and clean the kitchen, and chase the dust bunnies away. It is so important to take those moments you can, and just enjoy them, even if it means leaving a kitchen disaster in your wake for another day.

Did I really say melancholic in the past tense?? I think that is the feeling of today. The weather is truly late spring - really heavy downpours, then bursts of sun through the clouds. Then the wind, and then a few rumbles. I think my mood matches the weather today - just all over the place. We also got rid of the bunk beds Brandon briefly used (nice alliteration there) yesterday, and although it still seems we are packed to the rafters in our small space, there is slowly being created a little more breathing room. Oddly enough I am learning more about quality rather than quantity. Either that or I am finally getting better about clutter.

On a completely different note, Brandon seems to have become a slow, drawn out eater. It drives me a bit bonkers at times, and at other times, it is like water off of my back. Today, lunch has taken 45 minutes so far... I have told him no favorite show at 2:30 unless he eats his lunch. I am not sure if he is just testing me... but he still has grilled cheese left to eat. He has eaten grapes and some watermelon, so if he doesn't finish it all, I won't be too concerned. He is not going to waste away any time soon! (just no show when he wants it) HAHAHAHAHAHA.

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