Monday, May 17, 2010

Another year older

37, you are looking pretty good so far.

Birthdays are a funny thing as you get older, you tend to stop paying attention to the increasing numbers ad you start to just embrace the days more since they seem to start going so damn fast.

I had a good weekend - Ken made some amazing meals. Got halibut on my birthday, and then steak yesterday. Ah, it was a fine weekend. Got spoiled by all of my boys and my mom took me to see Buddy yesterday. What a great play - one of the best musicals I have ever seen, awesome music and a good story, true to how things unfolded. Spent time with all of my immediate family, Brandon went riding, went for a drive, had an ice cream cake... pretty damn cool I must say.

But another year older already??? My boys are almost a year old and 4 years old?? Wow.

Almost at the countdown stage... 7 weeks before I am sitting back at work on a Monday morning. I have been trying to catch up with folks I care about and places I love to see and so far I have been pretty successful. Having some great times with my boys.

All in all, a great birthday weekend, I felt pretty special.

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