Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, I am still on the extended 30 day challenge.. the nice thing is that the game automatically shifts your end date for you... I have completed 9/20 workouts so far and I do think my ability to do squats and lunges has definitely improved... LOL I also have extended my 30 day challenge in to a ... err... umm... challenge??!

We are also on a small health kick, concentrating on whole foods for a few weeks. Ken is doing a cleanse, and I am doing a pseudo-cleanse (still b'feeding) to give our systems a kick-start. I am really trying to stay away from most bread products and to eat a lot healthier. Whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, no red meats, no packaged foods or prepared foods. I did this cleanse 7 years ago and it seemed like such a bigger deal in terms of what I could and couldn't do. Amazing what a few years and a few kids will do towards your attitudes towards food, especially having chosen to make all of my own baby food for both kids.

It is easier this go around. Alcohol hasn't been a factor (rarely drink), and I have switched out my lattes for espressos in the morning. It seems we are halfway through and we have eaten a mountain of fruits and veggies.

Eating like this is better, but it also requires a lot of effort in terms of planning and preparation. So far I have "re"learned a few things... spaghetti squash tastes pretty darn good and is easy peasy to make... making your own salad dressings is easy and they taste pretty good too... I think I will try to incorporate more salads in to our routine rather than just taco salad... I like lentils and I don't like quinoa. Coconut tastes great on oatmeal, as does adding a handful of raisins... eating nuts can be addictive... flax doesn't taste so bad and is a nice, healthy way to assist your body in moving stuff along and lowering blood pressure and/or cholesterol. This experience is good to reconnect me more with food, and to think about what we are eating in a different way - a little more aware. I don't think you can eat like you do on a cleanse forever, but I think you can carry some habits over after the fact.

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