Friday, June 25, 2010

I covet these.

When I return to work in but a week, I have these on my list of things I want to buy in the near future. So much for watching all those episodes of WNTW. I lurve these boots. I cannot believe how fast June went. OMG I can't remember a time that went so fast. I have so much to say, lots of catching up... if you check back in the next few days I am sure that I will work some kind of "date" magic to back fill some of the past and make it easy, leave some kind of footprint of where I have been, the cool stuff we have done, and even some of the books that have kept me amused over the last few weeks where I may have been silent, but I have certainly not been dull. Much like these boots. They are considered to be indigo mcmarten patent plaid. I call them cool.

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