Sunday, June 27, 2010

My second baby is one!!!!

Much like with the Don... folks have had opinions about Connor's hair. Even I can admit it had reached the point of no return and his lovely locks needed to be trimmed.

For me, this first haircut was a right of passage. Cutting both boys hair when they turned one was like saying goodbye to the baby stage. This time around it felt somewhat profound... this is it... no more wee babies around our house as our family is complete with two (not so) wee bairns. It is also a time for celebration! We are moving quickly in to the next stage. Connor is definitely a toddler, and Brandon is a boy - ready for school and the next stage himself.

What a wonderful day - we had the grandparents over for dinner, and some dear friends. It was a good dinner, great cake, and Connor had a great smash that first cake experience... Which is another rite of passage as far as I am concerned... every kid should make a complete mess of that first cake, getting in through their hands, and to see the wonder as the first taste of cake and all it's sweet glory happens.

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