Monday, January 27, 2014

Irreverent fun.

How to properly describe a book like this?  I am not sure if I can.

I will start by saying that I really enjoy Moore's writing.  They are like no other books that I have ever read.  I would also say that I think he is very well versed in esoteric and arcane knowledge, with a fair bit of awareness about all different types of religions.  It would be easy to say that he is completely irreverent, or sacrilegious, but I don't think he is.  I think his books are highly intelligent, completely offbeat, peopled with wildly crazy and unique characters, and make me belly laugh.

You could describe this book as having dark humour.  It starts off with death, and is all about death.  Yet, this doesn't even begin to describe what this book is all about.  There is a little sex thrown in, a few hellhounds, celtic devils, a few good guys and the squirrel people. Yet, this book is also uplifting, and you think thoughts you would never imagine without having read this book.   This all takes place in the city of two bridges (San Fran).

I find that I stray away from providing a summary of the novels that I read.  I more want to capture the impression of what I am left with after I have turned the last page.  As the pages turned when I read this one, they started turning faster as I wanted to see how things would turn out.  It is one that will stick with me.

Moore's writing is refreshing, different, and genuinely funny.  Both books I have read by him have caught me off guard.  I will seek out more.  If you are curious, check out his website.  If you are looking for a book that is just a little bit different, a little bit edgy, that will make you laugh out when you least expect it - give it a try.

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