Saturday, May 21, 2011


I am just so *proud* of my boy, Brandon

He isn't even 5, and his horseback riding is going amazing. Not only is it "good" for him (stretching out his leg and hip muscles, working his balance) he is getting good at it and it is building a different kind of confidence.

The yearly horse show is in a month, so we are starting to prepare him for the classes we are going to enter him in. One of the classes is pole bending, and he will be doing it "unassisted" without someone leading him through the poles. AKA - unclipped from his lead walker (she is just an awesome gal). He practiced leading his horse Midnight through the poles today, and him doing it solo (around the poles and back again)- was inspiring, even his lead walker was all choked up. What a victory.

I am also getting a lot of being at the barn and talking to the other parents, volunteers, the people who work for PRDA - very humbling, very inspiring, very grounding. Talking to other parents who have had unusual paths (not the norm) like us is empowering, and it just helps to talk to people who may not have the same story, but there is a common thread there. It is an amazing place and I am so glad to be involved and I can't wait to read what I will be writing about Brandon's equestrian abilities even another year from now.

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