Sunday, May 1, 2011


It makes me glad we did a quick trip stateside this weekend to get gas when I wake up Monday morning and see the price at the pump hit $1.40 a litre.

O M F G. We are closing in on a buck-fifty again! We like to do driving holidays!!

I put $30 in my tank Thursday... more than likely, I will be putting more in on Tuesday when I go out to the other campus to work. My truck is no where close to being fuel efficient and I am starting to wonder what 4x4 is... although a different vehicle is not a priority for the next few years, I cannot get over high the price of gas is getting, it is unreal when $30 doesn't even get you through the week (that isn't driving on the weekends) and you only put on about 150 kms a week, at most. Okay, I drive up and down some significant hills, but really.... really??!

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