Sunday, May 22, 2011

End of a nice day

38 has started out just feeling so much more positive and together than 37 did.

Had a great day with friends today - watching the game, eating, laughing, and watching our kids play and hang out together. It was pretty sweet. It was strange that it was a noon hockey game - by the time everyone was gone at 7, I think we are were all done, but not in a bad way. The kids are all able to go to bed at a decent time (okay, maybe not mine but I am flaking out and letting them watch a movie) and the house is even in decent shape. O M G, I am finally getting better at this.

I feel just a bit more self aware than I did a year ago. I think part of that is getting more sleep (no more b'feeding, yay) and Connor transitioning to his own bed have made a huge difference to me overall, that and starting to get my confidence back at work too. Something to be said about not being so tired all the time, so ragged around the edges.

The 'Nucks dropped their game on Friday night, and I wasn't all that surprised.. this means Tuesday could be a really big night! DAMN!!! I just realized my book club is meeting on Tuesday, and ironically enough, we are going to see a movie... PVR?! Fingers are crossed we make it to the next round... quickly!!!

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