Thursday, February 19, 2009

There goes another week

Apparently that brief period of waxing poetic has already ground to a halt and I back to posting once a week.

We had a good v-day weekend. We kept it fairly low key - we hung out at the Granville Island market in the morning, and it was a bit of an illuminating experience for us. Yes, it was cool. In a way. Neat to see all the foods, and the fresh fish, and the exotic items to purchase. Not so cool, the prices. Everything is double what we would normally pay, even when not shopping at our local favourite big box grocery store. I guess we aren't cut out to be west enders, forking over those prices to be a cool dude shopping on the island.

As a tourist it would be cool, like us, being tourists for the morning, but I still stand by going down to Seattle and exploring Pikes - it is grittier, cheaper, and just seems to have a greater variety of wares, and corners, and really cool stores (like comic book stores, and little places to eat, and old nic-nacs), and everything isn't upper end. Maybe that is more us, I can see us next time heading back to Steveston to buy our fish from the back of a boat and soaking in the smells and sights of a working marina that heading to the city.

Ah, the truth eh. Give me flea markets, and hand me downs, and making my own crafty stuff and shopping at the outlets over big name prices any day.

Aside from that, week 22 is blitzing on by and I am "thickening" around the middle but not really showing. I am still falling asleep bloody early at night, and then waking up between 4 and 5am. Which really sucks. I should just get up, but I just don't want to at that time. Maybe tonight I will really try to make it to 10pm. LOL. There are some good shows on TV tonight, so that should help.

Hmmm... Nej has a great rant the other day... and I must agree with her about the octomom. Watching those t-zines at night, she is plastered all over the place, with more dirt coming out every day. Skeeves me out too. Sad. Poor kids. People have enough barriers to get through to have a normal life at the best of times.

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