Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have always liked the number 555. I am hitting that milepost in posting today!

Wow. I looked back the other day, there are 5 years of postings here. Life has certainly changed over these last few years...

A final rant for at least a few weeks. I am tired of hearing about the incident at YVR. Seeing it on the news every day, hearing about it on the news, every day, has completely desensitized me to the event. I think the outcome is atrocious. How anyone could have been left wandering around that area for 12 hours is bizarre. Every where along the line the "system" broke down and failed the family. From my own perspective, having worked in a form of customer service all the way along, how you could ignore, or just not "see" someone like that for so long is unreal. Hearing people say they did their job seems a farce when you see the outcome. I am sure there are more stories than are being told, but bottom line is that it never should have gotten to that place.

We don't need to hear about it all the time. The coverage is unending. Merciless. Almost to the point where I am sure I am not the only one tuning it out. Changing the channel, trying to get away from those images. We all need to be aware, but the public has been bludgeoned with it. What aren't we hearing about if this is what the media is fixated on? What is being swept under the carpet?? What new issues are being quietly laid to rest while this is flogged? I can't help but wonder.

I know the last few points have been rants, bordering on just things that have tweaked me, that are seemingly never ending issues that keep coming up with no resolution in sight. Or just something different to whinge about here, so you don't get tired of all the pregnancy stuff.


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