Wednesday, January 30, 2008

West Coast Slush

We had a snow day yesterday!!!!!

And Gilly called at lunchtime from over the Rockies to say that it was -50 (I think this is with the wind chill factored in). What do you say when you hear it is that damn cold??? I guess a few laughs exploded, and I am pretty glad that we are on in this side of the of the Rockies! Although Nej has blogged about some outrageous cold too. Unreal. I just don't have a program for cold that, er, cold for lack of a better term. From the coast, you can always use the "yeah, but you have a dry cold and we have a wet cold" but really, what the fuck does that really mean??? Once the mercury drops below a certain point it is damn cold, you need layers, and really, why leave the house?? Oh yeah. I guess the world doesn't stop for a few minutes just because of a little winter weather, does it?

This morning the drive in to work was ... interesting. It took about a 1/2 hour to get down the hill from my place. There was a line up of cars waiting to go down the worst part of the hill, and then one car per lane would skid to the bottom (ok, not that bad, but close. I think our city got caught with their pants down in some areas, because by the time they plowed some of the hills, all they did was compact the snow in to a 2 inch thick layer of ice - at which time the snow would have been easier to deal with). It was amusing to watch until it was my turn and then I drove down the hill with my heart pumping, got to the bottom, drove a few hundred metres, and in typical west coast fashion, the conditions improved drastically.

Of course now I am trying to concentrate on work. I am failing miserably.

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