Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things I am learning.

Completely random thoughts that spring to mind.

When you have a baby, you need to get a humidifier to help out those nights where your kids' nose is completely stuffed up and there isn't a damn thing you can do for it.

Lanolin is good for chapped lips and red noses.

Those damn goldfish crackers are a godsend when you have kids.

Take people's advice under consideration, but truly, stay true to yourself and try out new stuff, even if you aren't sure it is a good fit for you.

I can't believe how the paparrazzi chase BS. And how she invites it. What a crazy life. I could not imagine. What a car wreck. But what does this say about society that this kind of a career option is appealing??? I don't get the attention, or why the common folk are so enthralled by the different 'falls from grace' so to speak. When it is a woman, it seems to attract so much more attention.

Sinus headaches really suck. So do ear infections, even if you don't have the intense pain, all the popping and hollowness gets old really quickly.

Bath tub toys rule.

Shop with coupons and watch your bill like a hawk. Advocate for yourself.

It's ok to grow up and not be all wild and crazy and going out all hours of the day and night at the drop of a hat. An old friend is in town, and well, the plans I have heard about don't really fit where we are at. I feel bad, but, it's hard to be excited to see someone when you have a hard enough time making it to work in the morning, and your last weekend was pretty crappy and you are just looking forward to laying low and getting your own life (health) back on track again so you can go back to work again. I guess the real part that gets you about growing up is that you can't really throw everything to wind on a whim, or if you do, you pay for it in ways you just didn't before.

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Michelle said...

Hi there;) so how are you feeling today??? better I hope.We should get the kiddos together soon..ttyl.have a good weekend.